Matthias Hessler
Matthias Hessler

Tuned into yourself and your life

I offer energetical / mental support for those who require more energy, and who want to be more relaxed in stress and conflict situations in the business area.

During a Seelkraft® coaching, we clarify your internal and external topics on an energetical level, and re-balance your life energies, to enable you to go new ways.

I'm using energetical / mental healing methods which are proven and tested, and especially ThetaHealing®, which was developed by Vianna Stibal in the 1990s.

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Contact me:
via e-mail: sk at seelkraft de
via phone: +49-6251-860-860-4 or +49-176-4799-8000

Matthias Hessler
Seelkraft® - coaching practice for new ways
Einhausen, Bergstrasse, South of Hessen, Germany